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General Investigations

Gumbrechts are always happy to offer free advice, and discuss any problem or issue which may require investigative work to reach a suitable remedy or conclusion. Over the years we have assisted clients in unique and complex investigations and will always try to meet your requirements and achieve the objective. Even if we cannot help you, we will know somebody who can!

We are able to offer such services as vehicle hpi checks, DVLA searches (conditions apply), land registry searches, field visits, director searches, asset location, and much more.

We also interview or take statements from claimants, witnesses or defendants involved in any ongoing or pending claim, regarding car accidents, work accidents or incidents of any nature. We are also happy to interview and where necessary take statements from claimaints regarding insurance policies including payment protection policies, covering disability and sickness claims.
Gumbrechts also provide road traffic collision locus reports for disputed liability claims, which include an aerial view and photographs. We are also happy to meet your specific requirements.

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