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RTC Locus Reports

We feel that Locus Reports can provide too much and often irrelevant information which results in excessive and avoidable costs. We provide simple “at a glance” aerial views of the accident location with photographs of the approaches taken by each vehicle involved to the point of impact/collision. We ensure that any relevant road signs or road markings are clearly visible in the photographs and any other information such as traffic light sequences, road width, condition of road surface etc which may have been a contributory factor to the incident/collision, are brought to your attention and included in our report. Whilst we feel that the reports we provide will meet your requirements, we are of course happy to provide reports to meet your specific needs. Please contact us via to request a price list.

We also take full statements from individuals involved in or witnesses of car accidents. We can also assist with tracing witnesses if necessary (see our Tracing page)

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